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The power of a dealer network



EmeraChem has developed a network of independent dealers strategically located across North America, providing high-quality catalytic products and standardized OEM catalytic services for ICE users and managers of engine fleets. Also knows as "Catalyst Service Centers," EmeraChem Dealers utilize and sell the best in catalytic technologies, systems, and services.



Rapid, responsive application engineering is a cornerstone of EmeraChem and its Dealer Network. What's your application? A 4 stroke lean burn engine, a 4 stroke rich burn, a slow speed two cycle, or a combustion turbine? Is your fuel pipeline gas, wellhead gas, refinery gas, landfill or bio-gas, or diesel? Does the exhaust gas have high SO2 or is the temperature particularly high or low? Does the engine run at continuous speed and load, or does it vary? Need help interpreting emission regs? What are your permit emission limits and do you have any special requirements? Enter the world of EmeraChem for answers and solutions.


EmeraChem manufactures strong, rigid, diffusion bonded substrates with 3 year mechanical warranties. We coat them with ceramics and precious metals to maintain strong performance for years. LEAN manufacturing enables EmeraChem to manufacture and ship catalyst elements in any shape, size and formulation in a couple of days. When you need same day delivery call your local EmeraChem Dealer-they maintain an inventory of EmeraChem elements and can help you manage your fleet catalyst assets for continuous compliance and lowest cost of ownership.

Housing & Silencers

EmeraChem's catalyst housings and silencers incorporate two decades of feedback from engine packagers, fleet owners, and mechanics about the best features from all suppliers. EmeraChem uses the industry's best technique for sealing the catalyst, proven in hundreds of EmeraChem's gas turbine installations that mount and seal 60 to 480 catalyst elements each. If you have a favorite housing configuration, EmeraChem offers a replacement with a host of improvements. The design and fabrication of all our housings and silencers are exceptionally strong for long life. Ask one of our Dealers to show you a comparison and demonstrate the benefits..


Continuous emission compliance means integrating your engine, catalyst, AFR, sensors, fuel valves, load profile and other factors. It means understanding how each part influences the others, making wise selections, and maintaining them. EmeraChem and our Dealer network can train your mechanics, your engineers, and purchasing people to navigate these things, making your life easy, and save you money. Ask your local Dealer to schedule training at your site.

Catalyst Peformance Testing

How much performance life is left in your catalyst? Will chemical washing restore the performance? Ask EmeraChem. We operate large test reactors and can test your catalyst element under the same conditions you operate them. Our Dealers make this service easy to access.

Washing Stations

A precious metal catalyst is a valuable piece of equipment and deserves first rate maintenance. Every EmeraChem authorized Dealer operates a state of the art catalyst chemical washing system. Catalyst washing is a carefully controlled chemical process, and that process technology is the product of two decades of EmeraChem catalyst development and manufacturing know-how. Before you replace your old catalyst, find your local EmeraChem dealer and insist on EmeraChem's chemical washing and regeneration process for your precious metal catalyst

Turn-key Installation

EmeraChem's authorized Dealers provide many value-add services including turn-key installation. When you're focused on operations, let our Dealers make emission control simple and economical by bundling catalyst, silencers, platforms, AFRs, and installation.

Support and Field Services

Rapid, responsive, and local technical support is what you get form EmeraChem nationwide Dealer Network. Wherever your engine sits, there's an authorized Dealer nearby. Our Dealer's technicians can be on your site on short notice with field experience in engines, AFRs, ignition systems, fuel valves, and emission controls. Let them help you bring your system into emission compliance and keep it that way.


A catalyst element is a chemical reactor operating at a nano-scale. EmeraChem uses the industry's most advanced methods to analyze the physical and chemical properties of a catalyst. We use them for forensic investigations of catalyst degradation so we can get to the root cause and solve it. This has helped many operators save money and maintain emission compliance. Ask your local Dealer to explain how helpful this service can be.

Precious Metal Reclaim

When you purchase a catalyst element you are making an investment in precious metals! Recover that investment when your element reaches the end of its service life by bringing it to one of EmeraChem's Dealers. They'll give you the highest value in the industry. It's all part of managing your feet's catalyst assets and for continuous compliance and lowest cost of ownership. Ask one of our Dealers to show you how they can help you manage precious metal reclaim, new catalyst purchase, chemical washing and inventory.