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ADCAT™ Catalyst Products

NSCR Catalyst (non-selective catalytic reduction)

NSCR (three-way) catalysts destroy nitrogen oxides (NOx), carbon monoxide (CO), and volatile organic compounds (VOC’s including formaldehyde) from the exhaust of rich-burn reciprocating engines used in gas compression and power generation.  EmeraChem offers ADCAT™ NSCR catalyst formulated for use in engines equipped with dithering air-fuel ratio controllers.

Oxidation Catalyst

Oxidation catalysts destroy carbon monoxide (CO) and volatile organic compounds (VOC’s including formaldehyde) from lean-burn reciprocating engines, combustion turbines, and industrial boilers.  EmeraChem’s family of ADCAT™ oxidation catalysts use only platinum precious metal for high performance, long life, poison resistance, and their ability to be chemically regenerated time after time. 

DOx™ Catalyst (diesel oxidation)

Diesel oxidation catalysts are formulated to destroy carbon monoxide (CO), hydrocarbons (SOF – soluble organic fraction), and aldehydes like formaldehyde (CH2O) from lean-burn diesel reciprocating engines.  EmeraChem offers ADCAT™ DOx catalysts for low and high-sulfur fuels, and products tailored to meet NESHAP requirements and beyond.

Oxidation Catalyst for High-Propane Fuels

EmeraChem has successfully developed a special substrate and catalyst formulation to destroy propane, which can affect the composition of hydrocarbons in engine exhaust of High-BTU and well head gases.

Oxidation Catalyst for 2-Cycle Engines

EmeraChem has successfully developed an oxidation catalyst solution for 2-cycle engines, pose a unique emission control challenge, giving these engines more longevity in the marketplace. 

VOC Catalyst (Volatile Organic Compounds)

VOC oxidation catalysts are formulated for all types of processes where chemicals, solvents, coatings, and fuels are employed including chemical plants, oil refineries, manufacturing facilities, printing plants and bakeries.  EmeraChem’s ADCAT™ VOC catalysts coatings are characterized by high-platinum loadings applied to high surface area metal or ceramic honeycomb substrates, designed specifically to destroy a wide array of chemical vapors and gases.

VOC Emission Control

VOC can come from a variety of manufacturing businesses and can take on a variety of forms. EmeraChem offers custom, precious-metal catalyst solutions for your VOC needs.

EMx Catalyst

EMx is a multi-pollutant control system for combustion turbines (CTs), reciprocating engines (RICE), and industrial/utility boiler (IB) applications. EMx achieves near zero emissions on a gas turbine – less than 1ppm NOx, undetectable CO, near zero VOCs and greater than 50% control of fine particulate matter throughout all operating cycles of a power generation application.  It is the most effective Ammonia Free Reduction (AFR) technology available.