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July 31, 2015 – Knoxville, Tennessee USA - Breakthroughs in precious metal science and nanoscale surface technology, and advances in manufacturing practice have resulted this new NSCR product that out-performs EmeraChem’s  Classic Performax NSCR product.  As a result of 2 years of laboratory product development and in-field pilot testing, EmeraChem, LLC released Performax 4.0 as the next generation NSCR catalyst formulation.  In short, Performax 4.0 delivers the 3-year warranty performance at about the 1-year warranty price point.  Already in production, the newly named Performax 4.0 is a 3‑way catalyst designed specifically for rich burn engines.

“Performax 4.0 takes catalytic technology to a new level for the natural gas compression business,” stated EmeraChem’s Chief Executive Officer, Tom Girdlestone, who continued, “and provides higher performance and more reliable catalyst at a very competitive cost basis.”  In response to the growing market demand, EmeraChem has achieved higher precious metal utilization and effectiveness.  The increased oxygen storage capacity delivers greater dithering capability for the latest breed of AFR controllers.  Greater stability also maintains both performance and long life even under high temperature conditions. 

Girdlestone added, “The genesis of this breakthrough was in response to the voice of our customers seeking more than the standard ‘me-too’ technologies in the marketplace.  We heard consistent demand for well-priced catalyst that lasts 3 years and beyond."

Both of EmeraChem’s Classic NSCR products, Performance and Performax (1-year and 3-year performance warranty), have been shelved.  EmeraChem is now manufacturing only the new generation Performax 4.0 NSCR catalyst and pricing it at about the same level as their affordable Classic Performance NSCR.  In addition, all Performax 4.0 NSCR catalysts will come with 3 free chemical washes during the warranty, provided the washing is done at one of EmeraChem’s many Regional Service Centers across the USA. 

EmeraChem has generated a case study of the Performax 4.0 NSCR product that was tested in the field under operation.  It was installed on a CAT G3516 rich burn engine and it’s performance exceeded the criteria of EPA level testing.  More details of the case study will be provided upon request – please see your local EmeraChem dealer to learn more.