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EmeraChem Introduces Analytical Catalyst Laboratories Across North America

KNOXVILLE, Tenn., May 18, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- In 2nd Quarter 2016, EmeraChem, LLC, is bringing OEM catalyst services to every natural gas producing region in the United States through its national dealer network. They are in the process of installing Regional Catalyst Service Centers with analytical laboratories throughout country in order to support customer needs for rapid catalyst evaluation including pre-compliance testing services. 

The Catalyst Service Centers will have the capability to dispatch mobile laboratory for on-site evaluations of catalyst performance. Tom Girdlestone, CEO, explained the genesis of the initiative, "We recognized a need for customers to access our OEM catalyst capabilities locally and found a way to make it happen in the interest of maximizing the life of the customer's catalyst assets." With that interest in mind, local EmeraChem Dealers will have certified catalyst technicians that will perform analytical catalyst tests to determine the disposition of any catalyst element in service.

Tom Girdlestone, CEO, EmeraChem, LLC.


Girdlestone further explained, "During these critical times, operators require fast turnaround on the condition of their catalyst with a high level of accuracy and integrity… We feel it is extremely important to reduce the time to evaluate a catalyst element from days or even weeks, down to hours."

Producers and customers rely on rapid onsite evaluation of engine and emissions performance, and this service will even provide immediate-correction action capabilities. The EmeraChem regional catalyst service centers are equipped with a Multi-Lambda pre and post wash catalyst testing system. Each center includes a micro-spot washing system, a full scale catalyst cleaning station and elemental catalyst contamination diagnostics. Specifically, the micro-spot wash generates an initial evaluation without going through the time and expense of washing an entire catalyst element.

Go online at to inquire about engine health checks and pre-compliance testing support as provided by the EmeraChem Dealer Network.  The service team will locate the nearest regional dealer.  Also, visit the EmeraChem booth this October 2-5 at the GMRC tradeshow in Denver and will premier its Mobile Multi-Lambda Catalyst Testing System.  All of its features and capabilities will be on display and will offer interactive demonstrations.

About EmeraChem
EmeraChem catalytic technologies and products have been developed and manufactured entirely in America applying the latest science and highest quality raw materials, including the purest of precious metals.  EmeraChem has been recognized in both the power generation and reciprocating engine markets as having superior quality, extremely high performance, rugged and durable catalytic products.  Located in Knoxville, Tennessee USA – EmeraChem is focused on "Empowering Energy Independence in America."

Learn More About EmeraChem Distribution Network
EmeraChem has established a unique network of "Catalyst Service Centers" throughout North America knowing that the application of catalytic technologies and products need to be understood by end users and operators in remote locations.  The dealers are OEM trained in the testing, washing and maintenance of all catalyst technologies in addition to having an extensive inventory of catalyst elements and catalyst housings/silencers for immediate delivery.

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