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Reciprocating Engines

Natural gas engines are widely used for power and gas compression, and EmeraChem has specially designed catalysts that work with both gas and diesel varieties.


Lean-burn Gas Engines (Spark-Ignited 2SLB)

2 cycle lean burn engines present a unique problem for catalyst.  Exhaust temperatures are low, VOCs and oxygen are high, and lube oil threatens to contaminate and mask the catalyst. Special care must be taken to prevent this from happening.  Emerachem utilizes a guard bed in some applications.


Lean-burn Diesel Engines (Compression Ignition 4SLB)

Diesel engines are lean burn engines because they have excess oxygen in the exhaust stream.  The controls on these engines cannot be adjusted in the field because they are fuel injected and injection rates must be changed to adjust the air fuel ratio for emissions.  An oxidation catalyst is provided for these applications.