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Turbine & Diesel Power Generation

Our power generation customers span a wide spectrum throughout North America from large central power plants to distributed generation.  In central power plants our customers operate large gas turbines and need large catalyst systems, catalyst support structures, and a variety of catalyst services.  Industrial facilities, hospitals, and universities our customers are generating power using reciprocating engine generators and small to mid-size gas turbines.  They need catalyst, silencers, engine accessories, and lifecycle services for their catalyst and engines. If you’re in the power generation business, EmeraChem and our nationwide Dealer network has catalyst and engine products and services you use.

Combustion Turbines

A combustion turbine creates an exhaust with either a high temperature or a high velocity. EmeraChem has installed OEM and after-market catalyst in over 240 applications to bring these engines in compliance with emissions regulations.


Reciprocating Engines

EmeraChem catalyst and attenuation products are on over 45,000 recip engines ranging from 50 to over 5,000 horsepower.