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Acoustical Silencers and Catalyst Housings for Recip Engines

Like EmeraChem’s catalyst products, science, engineering and testing are the foundation of EmeraChem’s acoustical products.  These designs capture two decades of feedback from engine packagers, fleet owners, and mechanics about the best features from all suppliers.  These units are designed smart & built strong!  Competitively priced, without cutting corners.

  • Mount 1 or 2 round catalyst elements in series or up to 10 rectangular elements in parallel
  • Easy catalyst installation
    • one hold-down bolt, torqued from outside where it’s cool and clean
    • rigid access door aligns & seals easily
  • Catalyst face seal securely eliminates bypass over many thermal cycles
  • Design features
    • heavy wall carbon steel or stainless steel
    • range of standard inlet/outlet flange sizes
    • Noise reduction of 20 to 28 dB(A)
    • Noise reduction of 30 to 38 dB(A)
    • end or side entry for combo units
    • silicone-based 1250°F paint for durable finish
    • dimensionally compatible w/most combo units
  • Sizes range from small horsepower engines to large vertical towers