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Our Story

Catalytic Solutions - Setting the Standard for Catalytic Performance

EmeraChem is a leader in nanophase chemistry and catalysis for the control of air emissions from power generating facilities, natural gas compression stations and mobile vehicles. As both a developer and manufacturer of catalytic technologies and related systems, EmeraChem has a diverse portfolio of products supported by best-in-class scientific, engineering and application support.

For over 20 years, EmeraChem catalytic technologies and products have been developed and manufactured in America applying the latest science and highest quality raw materials, including the purest of precious metals. EmeraChem is recognized in both the power generation and reciprocating engine markets as having superior quality, the highest performance and most durable catalytic products. With an emphasis on overall reliability, catalytic performance and physical integrity, EmeraChem products continue to set the standard for performance.

Knowing that the application of catalytic technologies and products need to be understood by end users and operators in remote locations, EmeraChem has established a unique network of “Catalyst Service Centers” throughout North America. These independent Dealers are trained by EmeraChem in the testing, washing and maintenance of all catalyst technologies in addition to having an extensive inventory of catalyst elements and catalyst housings/silencers for immediate delivery. These OEM services, provided by the local dealership network, brings catalytic solutions, in-depth technical knowledge and support to your door step.

EmeraChem provides the most comprehensive catalyst element guarantee in the industry, a guarantee that includes both emission reductions and mechanical element integrity. Let us show you our short lead times for custom sized catalyst elements, catalyst support structures, housings and silencers.