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The Difference

As a field tech for a natural gas producer, you are responsible for maintaining continuously running equipment to extract raw petroleum or raw components to be refined. As an engineer, you are designing equipment and heavy machinery to pull resources from the ground, push it through pipes, and contain it without leaks. As a purchaser, you’ve got to be sure all these moving parts run for as little money as possible and for as long as possible.

With such a complex process, it’s almost impossible to also monitor emissions, which can result in about 100x the exhaust of a tractor trailer, and the government regulations that hang over you. You need a partner to push your business beyond compliance.

The catalyst industry has been fractured by competitors cutting out dealers to instead sell directly. Where you once had one-stop-shopping for your compliance needs, you now have to buy directly from the manufacturer with no long term service.

This is the difference you’ll find with EmeraChem. We provide the key products and services to support emissions management and get your business beyond compliance. Through the EmeraChem TOOLBOX, you’ll have access to catalysts, silencers, acoustics, engine accessories, engine health test, stack emissions test, and a new Multi-Lambda Catalyst Test System. We partner with our national dealer network so you get everything you need, even if it’s outside a specific EmeraChem product. It’s our commitment to you and your success.

We’re not simply a “we sell it, you buy it” company. We want to create a relationship with energy producers to help them through the whole cycle of maintaining engines to be sure emissions are the cleanest possible.

The EmeraChem difference is we are an OEM (original equipment manufacturer) with regional storefronts that provide you with OEM access. That means constant contact with our OEM in Tennessee through the regional catalyst service centers near you. With EmeraChem, you never have to worry about losing valuable production from your hard working engines.

Life Beyond Compliance means we don't want you to get your catalyst and see us again when it dies. We want our Catalyst Service Centers to be at the front for all the resources you need; engineering advice, quick testing, catalyst washing for extended life, inventory for emergencies, and to create a system so that you are prepared ahead of time. No need to worry about emissions audits ever again because you have our entire network available at a store front to help you. That’s Life Beyond Compliance.

Your partnership with EmeraChem allows us to achieve our mission of Empowering American Energy Independence.