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Precious Metal Recovery

A precious-metal catalyst retains an asset value throughout its life.  When the catalyst reaches the end of its service life it can be processed to recover the precious metals.  These precious metals can then be used to manufacture replacement catalyst or redeemed for credit toward the purchase of your next catalyst.  EmeraChem's philosophy is that the precious metals on your catalyst belong to you, and you should get the maximum yield from the spent catalyst you give us for recovery. 

EmeraChem has long-term relationships with companies that produce the precious metal chemicals and solutions we use every day in our manufacturing process.  These relationships allow us to negotiate effectively on your behalf to provide the highest possible yield for precious metal recovery.

An extremely important factor in reducing emission compliance costs when operating reciprocating internal combustion engines is to maximize the return on used catalyst elements.

The process works like this.  If you own reciprocating engine catalyst, your local EmeraChem Catalyst Dealer will pick up the catalyst when they are on your site.  The Dealer will register the collection of this catalyst with EmeraChem and you will be given a credit at that time. 

EmeraChem LLC is offering the highest reclaim value in the oil & gas industry for all brands and types of catalyst calculated at $9.00 per pound of catalytic substrate (a reduced rate for torturous path substrate brands of catalyst).

Once you have your credit you are ready to order your next catalyst element. If you order the same element, you can apply 100% of your credit. If you order a different element you can take up to 10% off the quoted price. We look forward to helping you save on the cost of emissions control catalyst.

If you own turbine catalyst you will contact EmeraChem and arrange to have an assay performed of the catalyst.  An assay is not required if the spent catalyst is an EmeraChem product.

Spent catalyst is shipped to EmeraChem where it is carefully disassembled and processed with care to avoid loss of precious metal catalyst coatings.  All of the material that contains precious metal is weighed and inspected at this time.  This material is then shipped to a qualified precious metal reclaim facility where the coated metal foil substrate is shredded into small pieces and the catalyst coatings are physically separated from the metal foil.  

Samples of the powdered catalyst coating are assayed by several specialty laboratories and a settlement is negotiated.  The powder is then refined in a chemical processing plant to extract the precious metals.  Once the precious metal is processed into this pure form, it can either be sold or chemically processed into the chemical forms used by EmeraChem.