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Catalyst Performance Testing

Reactor performance testing is one of many analytical tools used to evaluate a catalyst.  EmeraChem also uses sophisticated laboratory devices to examine the physical and chemical properties of a catalyst.  This is particularly helpful for forensic analysis to reveal root causes for catalyst degradation, such as contamination and over temperature operation.


EmeraChem's Fleet of Catalyst Test Reactors

A catalyst manufacturer uses catalyst test reactors for many uses, such as the following:

  • Developing new products and comparing the effects of substrates, coatings, and precious metals, on performance
  • Characterizing the performance of a catalyst as a function of operating variables such as flow rate, temperature, hydrocarbon type, air-to-fuel ratio, inlet concentration of CO or VOCs, etc.
  • Evaluating changes to a catalyst that has been in service and possibly contaminated or overheated
  • Measuring catalyst performance before and after chemical washing and regeneration and quantifying the improvement in catalyst performance



EmeraChem operates a number of catalyst test reactors for different functions. Large pilot-scale reactors provide reliable data for full size elements in full-scale applications. Bench-scale reactors are ideal for revealing trends and for developing new products. For each reactor, an elaborate continuous emission monitoring system analyzes the gas composition and catalyst performance. All of EmeraChem's reactors have the capability to fully and independently vary flow rate, temperature, and gas composition to reproduce real-world conditions.

EmeraChem uses EPA Test Methods, just like sampling crews use to measure your stack emissions.