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Catalyst Management System

A precious metal catalyst is a costly investment with long-term value. As an OEM catalyst developer and manufacturer, EmeraChem offers complete catalyst lifecycle services to help you manage your investment.  This is where we apply the science of catalysis and nanophase chemistry to deliver the longest life and best performance under your specific circumstances.

Catalyst management begins with expert application engineering, performed by people who understand reciprocating engines and their applications, turbines and power generation, and the operating factors that influence emissions. Rapid, responsive application engineering is a cornerstone of EmeraChem and its Dealer Network.


What's your application?

A 4-stroke lean burn engine?
A 4-stroke rich burn?
A slow-speed two-cycle?
A combustion turbine in a combined cycle configuration?
A combustion turbine operating as a peaker?
Is your fuel pipeline gas, wellhead gas, refinery gas, landfill or biogas, or diesel?
Does the exhaust gas have high SO2?
Is the ratio of NO/NO2, or SO2/SO3 important?
Is the catalyst operating temperature particularly high or low?  Does it vary widely?
Does the engine run at continuous speed or load or does it vary?
Is your engine running continuously or does it have a lot of stop/start cycles?
Need help interpreting emission regs?
What are your permit emission limits and do you have any special requirements?
What level of sound attenuation does your site require?
What backpressure is right for your engine?

Enter the world of EmeraChem for answers and solutions.

Like any piece of equipment, a catalytic system benefits from routine inspection and maintenance.  Once a catalyst enters the operating phase of its life, EmeraChem can help you get the most from your catalyst.  EmeraChem can help you set up a catalyst monitoring program that includes performance testing, laboratory evaluations, washing and regeneration.  At the end of its service life, EmeraChem will recover the precious metal and apply it to your replacement catalyst.  These services are described individually below.